Two European education start-ups teamed up for supporting refugees with free access to German and English online courses

All German and English language courses by busuu are now available for free to Arab-speaking users. Classes contain more than 200 audiovisual course units per language and cover everyday topics like “food”, “at the supermarket”, “clothing” or “at the doctor”. These free classes are currently available for mobile Android devices. The free android app ICOON for refugees contains a selection of a thousand of the most important symbols and photos from the picture dictionary ICOON. A specifically developed leaflet for the needs of refugees and a German-learning poster is free for download. Additionally 6 different editions of ICOON picture dictionaries are available.

To activate the premium membership:
1. Download the app
2. In the app, click on 'settings' and then 'voucher' codes
3. Enter the code “Germanforrefugees” or "ألماني" (Note: the voucher code only works within an Arabic interface)
Download the free app in Google Play and the ICOON - First Communication Guide as PDF here.

Find all information to the project at

“Language skills are crucial to finding your way in a new environment. They are the key to integration. With the current influx of refugees into Europe there is great demand for easy access language acquisition, something both our companies excel in. busuu and ICOON have teamed up to offer free German and English courses to refugees in Europe”, Karsten Warrink of Ambermedia, Gosia Warrink of Amberdesign and Amberpress and Bernhard Niesner of busuu

About busuu

busuu was founded in 2008 with the vision to enable people from all over the world to learn a new language. The company offers audiovisual language classes for 12 different languages for desktop PC and as apps for mobile devices. In addition, users can practice acquired language skills with native speakers via the online platform. Every user of busuu is not only a student of a foreign language, but also a tutor in his/her native language. With more than 60 million users, busuu belongs to the world’s leading providers of digital language learning apps.


ICOON is a picture dictionary for all languages in the world with over 2000 essential everyday symbols. Simply pointing to the right icon suffices to put your conversation partner in the picture. Regardless of whether you need a toothbrush, safety pin or swimming shorts, or want to explain hay fever without using words, ICOON speaks the world’s most universal language: pictures. Gosia Warrink first published the ICOON global picture dictionary in 2007 at her own publishing house AMBERPRESS. Today, there are 5 ICOON book editions available as well as an app for iPhone devices.